Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hi, Long Time No Read?

So, I have been busy. And when I am not busy, I kind of keep forgetting to write on this here page. Sorry about that. But no worries, as of next Monday I will not be so busy at work and I will have way more time to fascinate you with my writings. Although, I will still miss most of the TV shows that I was planning on watching this summer, since I can't seem to remember to set my VCR, or what day shows are on. But I never forget to eat!

I do know that my crush Evander was kicked off "Dancing With the Stars" and I am oh so sad about that. Seriously, he was the cutest thing ever on that show. But I still have John O'Hurley. He rocks.

Rehearsals are going well, although I need to quit beating myself up over my accents. We had our first read-through of the children's shows last night. They are going to be great. It's nice when you meet people at auditions and briefly talk to them and then you get cast together and they turn out to actually be nice people who can actually act. Unlike the other surprise, where someone glares at you all through auditions, callbacks, then you get cast in the same show and you just can't quite figure them out, then you remember that this person glared at you all through auditions, and seriously, why do I care what this person thinks of me? Obviously they aren't very nice or they wouldn’t go around glaring at people in the first place. Then I also remember that I just might be a little p.m.s-ey so I could be over-reacting, but seriously, aren't we a little old to be playing the "glaring at people who are your competition" game? Besides, completely ignoring them is much more fun!

See people, this is why I end up feeling like I am completely anti-social. Or I would be better off if I were. But then I find people too darn fascinating. Except for stupid bitches that stand in fast food places and won't get off their damn phone to order and insist and carrying on their screaming conversation complete with swear words. Now, I like to give truckers a run for their money when it comes to swearing, but there is definitely a time and place which is definitely NOT in a public restaurant where PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO EAT AND SOME OF THEM ARE HERE WITH SMALL CHILDREN. I don't give a shit about your stupid conversation, no one thinks you are special because you have a phone, and you are being so completely rude. This is why I always try to be extra nice if I am the next person in line, especially since I have been that person behind the counter who would like nothing more than to inform the customer about what a complete ass they are being. When did common courtesy become so non-existent?

When did I become so tired?

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