Monday, June 06, 2005

I Heart Evander

I have been slacking in the writing stuff. My first rehearsal is tonight and I am really excited. A little nervous, but mostly excited.
I got a lot of flack from people for admitting that I watched this, but did you see "Dancing With The Stars"? Did you?
I think I have a crush on Evander Holyfield now. Seriously, the man looked so nervous before his dance started, and then he obviously just let go and tried to have a good time. He's not the greatest dancer on the show, but I have a lot of respect for a man who will go ahead and try. And not just half-assed try, but put your "manly" reputation on the line, failure or not, plus maybe I will have a good time, try.
Also, J. Peterman (aka John O'Hurley) rocked. Seriously the man was great. Overall I think the guys were more fun to watch because they really got into it, whereas the women were more obviously nervous/worried how their sparkly gowns looked.
It's not the greatest show on T.V., but I will probably be catching it as often as I can. Man, there is just something about a guy that can dance. Maybe it's the tight pants they always put them in.

I also promised that I was going to watch "Hit Me Baby One More Time" and I did. I was really really bored by this show. I will never be able to recap it better than this,(which is my new favorite website) but here are a few of my comments anyway:
1. Didn't Tiffany pose in Playboy not too long ago? Shouldn't she have enough money to have someone teach her how to dress? Her outfits were terrible and she sounded like she hadn't sang in awhile. Funny thing, she seems to be in the middle of recording a new album.
2. Arrested Development, while one of my favorite shows, now also seems to be a kick-butt band. I vaguely remember them in their "heyday", but their performance on the show almost made up for the torture of sitting through everyone else's performance.
3. Did the people performing not know they were on the show until they showed up? Because unless they were Arrested Development, they were pretty awful. Even singing their own songs!
4. This show would have been better had they taken MY idea and made these guys only sing something from Britney Spear's songbook. THAT would have been entertaining.

I will probably check it out again to see Vanilla Ice, but otherwise, I think it was pretty awful. WAY overproduced.

I don't really have anything else going on. Like I said before, rehearsals start tonight. Man, I am in for a busy summer.

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