Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Hodgepodge

So, Carrie is the new American Idol. I am happy for her. No really, I am. Bo now does not have to record the completely awful songs they had "written" for the show, and he can go on and do the completely kick-ass album we all now he is going to do. I do have to say that it was the least painful 2 hour finale' I have watched. The part that was basically making fun of the whole Corey Clark thing was entertaining, and the whole "Idols performing with their Idols" was good. Well, I should say, the part where Carrie performed with Rascal Flats and Bo performing with Lynard Skynard was really awesome. Especially seeing someone like Bo, who could probably die tomorrow a happy man now, not only perform, but lead his idols on the greatest song ever written. I have never in my life watched someone so happy to be onstage performing. Lynard Skynard are just some cool, cool guys.

Did anyone see David Hasselhoff on the show? Now there is a man who can laugh at himself. He seriously made that kids night. I actually got a little choked up.

I just want to add one more thing to my argument from yesterday as to why Mark Kriski is an idiot. He compared Bo Bice to Meatloaf, in a way that was completely derogatory to both of them. Let's get one more thing straight Mark, Meatloaf kicks ass. That man has sold lots of albums, is a decent actor, has had more women drooling over him than you ever will and was in the biggest cult classic of a movie. Maybe you've heard of it, it's a little thing called "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and every night in dark theaters across the country people dress up and try to pretend they are half as cool as Meatloaf.
Okay, I'm done with that now.

On to other things that annoy me.

Apparently someone felt the need to explain the poem "When I Am Old I Will Wear Purple" to me that I wrote about awhile ago. Um, I already KNOW what the POEM is about, that wasn't what my post was complaining about and please make sure that you actually READ my post before commenting. Thanks.

Tom Cruise is really, really scaring me. I wish he would go back to the old Tom Cruise who was still a Scientologist, but wasn't allowed to talk about it. By the way Tom, that was really nice of you, the way you are trying to piss off the majority of your fans. Did you really think people were going to think that you know more about Post Partum Depression than, I don't know, a DOCTOR, or a WOMAN? I agree that we as a society are a bit too reliant on pills, but c'mon. Sometimes they are a necessity. Seriously, the man has gone off the deep end. And not in a fun, "Let's watch what crazy thing he does next!" way, but in a, "God I hope he goes away soon" way.

I don't understand how a person who has children and an ex-wife can think that they would be completely comfortable with watching you make out with a woman young enough to be your daughter every day. If I have to look at one more picture of Tom Cruise trying to prove what a man he is by shoving his tongue down a woman's throat, I will just puke. And seriously, Katie Holmes?

I love reading all the rumors that he had this planned all along and it was just a matter of plugging in which hot young Hollywood starlet would play the part of his girlfriend. I seriously hope they get married, because it would inevitably be followed by a divorce, and then hopefully a tell-all book! But that would mean they have to stay together after both of their big summertime blockbusters come out, and I just don't think that's going to happen. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to go back on Oprah and talk about how hurt he is by their break-up and no one understood their love anyways. I am placing my predictions now people.

On a final note:
The Boyfriend and I attended our last night of call-backs last night. They are casting tonight, so hopefully I will have good news tomorrow. If not, I have a wonderful barb-b-que I am attending that will provide me with enough liquor to forget I even auditioned! I win either way!

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