Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Apparently Writing is Hard

So, I have been missing for awhile. Sorry about that. I have stuff going on at work (work being something I will never go into detail here) so let's just leave it as I will be busy for the next few weeks.

Let's speak of better things. The Boyfriend and I have auditioned for summer theater. We were called back for the same shows. One call back was on Monday, and another is tonight. I have to say, I really, really would like to do both shows. Both are comedies and it would be nice to be busy this summer doing theater in the park. If nothing else, I will have great tan lines!

Did you watch American Idol last night? I did. Although I have to admit I was bored. So bored I started reading a magazine in the middle of Carrie's second song. Why is it that the so called professional song writers that American Idol hire can't write a good song to save their lives? I mean come on, those songs were just stupid. I'm guessing it's the same person that wrote "I'm Sorry for 2004" for Ruben Studdard.

I still would like Bo to win. Carrie may technically be a better singer, but she is a wooden stick figure on stage and I think people would quickly realize it's not worth the money to watch her perform since she seems to have no personality or presence.

I was watching the KTLA morning show briefly today when Mark Kriski and Sam Rubin were talking about how Carrie should win because Bo was stuck in the 70's and you couldn't possibly figure out a way to promote him, whereas Carrie is obviously very country and very "now". Here is all the reasons they are wrong:
1. There is no way that Carrie could ever out-rock Bo on stage. He is a thousand times better performer, and actually has a personality when spoken to.
2. How can you say that they would never be able to do a music video with Bo? Have you not heard of this guy called Kid Rock? He is quite popular and has done several videos. In fact, he makes more money than you do.
3. The only reason the guys like Carrie so much is that she is a cute girl.
4. The only reason they hate Bo is because he rocks, he isn't a middle aged fat man and he can actually sing and plays several musical instruments. He is the embodiment of every guys teenage dream of being a rock star.
5. How could you possibly say "the 70's are SO OVER?" As The Boyfriend pointed out, that's like saying "Jazz is so over", or "classical music is so over", or "Blues are so over". Seriously, you just proved why you are a weather man, and not someone who makes decisions about music.
Apparently, according to Mark Kriski, we shouldn't listen to any music that wasn't created last week.

I am now bored with my list as I got so angry I forgot what else to say. I am actually not going to watch the finale' as I have call-backs tonight and I am much more interested in finding out what's happening on "LOST" than anything else.

On a final note:

Did you see the promo's for "Hit Me Baby One More Time?" I can not wait to see Vanilla Ice sing a Britney Spear's song.

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