Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sally Sells Sea Shells Down by the Sea Shore

I meant to write this yesterday, but I had some sort of stomach virus. A virus that was only appeased by greasy food. Leave it to me to get something that insists I eat at McDonalds, when I have been trying to eat better and lose weight. Oh well.

Dear Rachel and Keith:

Thanks so much for inviting us to your wedding. It was beautiful, amazing, and breathtaking. I feel so honored that we were there to witness your marriage. I think that people who get married and plan the whole thing themselves are so courageous. Oh who am I kidding, I think people who get married are courageous. I think that's the biggest reason I am so impressed with Saturday. Seriously, what a great party! Your personalities were so well represented, and everyone I talked to had some awesome story about how they met you. The love in that room for you two was overwhelming. Everyone there was so joyous. You were so happy. Seriously, I am tearing up while thinking of it.

On a tangent, thanks for sitting us with Amy and Jamie. I have never been to a wedding where I have met new friends. They even told The Boyfriend that he looks like Ethan Hawke, which has sealed them in my heart forever, because they were kind of embarrassed to ask him if anyone had every told him that.

By the way, hurry up and come home from your honeymoon. The people in my office are really wondering where you went. I never though people would find that so weird, but I think it's so fitting. Wherever you are, I know you are having a blast and taking lots of pictures.

The thing that will stick with me the most is the attention to detail that you two paid, not just to your wedding ceremony, but to everyone who was there. I have decided that I will strive to take more pictures. I will strive to pay more attention to the people in my life. And The Boyfriend and I will never forget that Keith remembered to return The Boyfriend's movies to him, AT YOUR RECEPTION. Seriously, how thoughtful is that? I'm sure I said something that totally didn't make sense because I had had too much Chardonnay. Really, the servers at that place were so nice, I had a hard time saying no. And for a person that doesn't drink very often, 5 (or so) glasses of wine is a little much. The Boyfriend assure me that I wasn't embarrassingly drunk until we got in the car to go home. Luckily I wasn't driving, but I do remember filling out a memory card that I hope you find funny, but if you don't, feel free to throw it away.

This has gotten much more sappy than I planned, but I was so touched by your wedding. May the love and joy from that day follow you always.

*For a much funnier version of the event, you should check this out.

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