Saturday, November 06, 2010

Day 6

Oh wow, today was pretty wonderful. Amongst getting things ready for a Vampire Zombie Werewolf shoot we have tomorrow, The Boyfriend and I managed a quick get-away to the Huntington Gardens. I purchased a membership through Groupon a few months back and we had to go and use it or we were out the money we'd already spent.

I've never been a member of a museum or anything like this before, I feel like such a grownup. Also, I managed to purchase a pretty fantastic hat from the gift shop (side note, I REALLY love gift shops, I'm such a sucker) and we purchased 2 fantastic calendars for 2011.

I'm just going to upload my blackberry photos and let them show you how gorgeous today was. We finally got to see the new Chinese Garden, which was gorgeous.

Sometimes, it's pretty fantastic to live in LA and have things like this close by. And now we can go whenever we want! Hooray!

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