Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 12

This week has been lousy with allergy attacks. I can't believe how tough this week has been.

I went to an appointment with my doctor and basically there's nothing else to do. Well, there's things to do, but not things I'm willing to do like stop running outside. I don't belong to a gym for a reason, I hate them and can't afford one I think I would like. Plus I quite enjoy my time outside running in the morning, it's so peaceful. I won't give that up just to maybe have less allergy issues.

So what now? I may try going back to acupuncture. I haven't been in awhile and I did feel better when I was going. Or I'm going to try and stop taking allergy medicine, I've been on them for so long it's always a possibility they just don't work for me anymore.

Tomorrow is my bid run - 4.5 miles. I'm so excited to actually get to do it. Haircuts after that and then another shoot for Vampire Zombie Werewolf. Luckily Sunday has us with no plans, so I can recover from a late night shooting on Saturday.

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