Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Day 3

It's Wednesday! And freaking HOT in LA. If one more friend on Facebook tells me to appreciate the weather since it's cold where they are I might explode! Cause guess what? You don't have to live where it's cold! Just like I don't have to live where it's hot! Life is funny that way! Sorry, the heat makes me angry.

I spent this morning at the Orthodontist, getting a consultation. It's very weird being back there as an adult, knowing I have to pay for this myself, knowing I will be responsible for wearing the retainer enough to make sure it works since it's my money going towards it.

I had braces in high school and like most adults, I didn't wear my retainer enough. So now I have a tooth that's moved and looks terrible. On top of that, I have started grinding my teeth again (I do it when I'm stressed). Since I've been waking up with my jaw and teeth hurting, I figured it was time to look up the Orthodontist my dentist recommended and get started. I also have a tooth that's dead in the front and I'll eventually need to put a veneer on that. Being an adult is hard. I hate having to deal with this stuff. I'm very lucky that I'm rarely sick or have serious dental problems.

So I was very pleased with my Orthondontist, Dr. Oh. He was so nice and sincere, willing to talk through my options, not giving me the hard-sell on anything. It's going to be weird to have a retainer to wear again, but anything to not wake up with jaw pain. And, you get to pick out colors and patterns now for your retainer, I will be the proud owner of a blue, zebra striped retainer on November 15th. Hell! yes!

The only downside to my Ortho is that they are in Agoura Hills, which is way far away for me. Driving there is fine, driving back to work was AWFUL. I don't know how people make commutes like that every day, I was a wreck when I got to work.  I'm so lucky that I only drive 3 miles to work so I am unfamiliar on how to deal with commutes. I think I would end up drinking heavily if I had to deal with that every day.

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