Friday, November 05, 2010

Day 5

I have the opening song from "The Nutcracker" stuck in my head. Very random..

Makes me think of ballet classes, which I have not taken in a couple of decades. I miss them. Someday, I will have to take them again. Also, Tai Kwon Do. I want to break boards with my feet. That sounds like fun.

Today has been a ball of stress, trying to get ready for a shoot this Sunday. Trying to secure a location. Trying not to lose my temper when someone doesn't help out as much as I'd like. But I think it's all come together. We seem to always prevail.

I went to lunch with my friend Vicki, she's always so good at letting me vent about filming stresses. Some days, I realize just how lucky I am in the friend department and I get a little teary. I know some really amazing people.

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