Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tony P's

Tonight is the last night of The Boyfriend's Mom's visit. We decided to try a new restaurant and the only thing we knew was that we wanted to eat in the Marina.

So, I jumped on my favorite website Yelp and found Tony P's Dockside Grill. We had a really nice time - the restaurants had an amazing view of the boats in the Marina (which someone actually complains about in one of the reviews!) and the ambience was very cozy.

The food was good, nothing earth shattering, but good - huge portions, well made, nicely priced.

I let myself cheat on my diet since we were going someplace new and I'm very glad I did. Even though I was cheating, I made sure I didn't overeat and make myself sick. Plus, how can you not share a dessert with the name "Chocolate Lover's Dream"?

It was a very nice time and while I'm always sad to see Marcia go, I'm so happy we shared the experience of trying a new restaurant with her before she left.

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