Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dear Universe

I'm tired. Seriously, March has been a very busy month. And while most of it has been fun (hello, it's my birthday month after all) I'm really ready for a break.

I don't know what April has in store for me, but it doesn't feel like it's going to slow down anytime soon.

The Boyfriend and I have begun our search for a new couch. This is where my year of being a professional internet surfer come in handy. I love researching things. I really do. But buying a new couch is such an investment and I just can't make this decision quickly.

Plus, we aren't just buying a couch. We're buying a new set piece for our internet show and that adds a whole new layer of stress to an already stressful decision.

At least The Boyfriend's Mom has been visiting and she's very fun to shop with. Plus she loves furniture so she loves helping us pick out our new couch. She helped us buy our first couch which was an awesome buy (until the frame broke beyond repair), so it's somehow fitting that she's here to help us make the decision again.

So anyway, Universe? I would love for things to slow down a bit. Not much, just enough to let me feel like I can get a breathe.

Thanks -


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