Wednesday, October 24, 2007


At the urging of my acupuncturist (ooo lala, I am so Hollywood) I am giving up dairy products for a month. See, it seems dairy causes the body to creat a lot of phlegm and since I an constantly having allergy problems, it would be best to stop putting more things in my body that create phlegm.

The best (where best = ironic) part is that I am in no way allergic to dairy. As far as I know, I am in no way allergic to anything food wise, which is good becuase I am basically allergic to everything else in the universe. Fun!

So, I have been "off dairy" for 3 days now. I believe I can see a difference already, but I hesitate to get excited about that as it could just be a placebo effect. I just hate the idea of becoming someone "who can't eat anything because it affects the delicate balance that their body is in".

I know, it's stupid. If limiting dairy means I can lead a life with less headaches and congestion, than what's the big deal? It doesn't mean I am somehow less of a person. I just relish the idea of being someone who can eat anything - like that makes a person more human somehow - and yet I Have Never Been That Person A Single Day In My Life.

Ugh, how do I get these ideas planted in my brain?

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