Monday, October 08, 2007


Why is it Monday already?

This weekend went by so quickly, I feel like someone swish-panned through my weekend and here we are, back at my desk without any time actually going by.

Things I Did This Weekend (a list):

1. Went to a screening of "The Darjeeling Limited". Enjoyed way more than I anticipated. Harboring a crush on pretty much all 3 leads of that movie (and also a bit on Angelica Houston. C'mon, she's gorgeous!).

2. Went to dinner afterwards with Kathy, David, Jimmy, Lauren and The Boyfriend. Had an awesome time, although our service at dinner was laughably bad. Between the server asking David if he wanted something to drink literally seconds after he took David's drink order and then at the end of the meal asking if I needed a refill on my iced tea (which I explained was actually Diet Coke) the server brought me iced tea anyway, it was a thoroughly enjoyable meal despite the service.

3. During dinner - we discussed what everyone was up to for the rest of the weekend. Lauren explained that she was driving to the beach in the morning to be the subject of a friends photoshoot. We all agreed that morning photo's are not a fun thing.

4. After dinner, just as we were about to pull away - Jimmy called and let us know that the photoshoot Lauren had been complaining about was actually a ruse - he was going to propose!!!

She ended up saying Yes - Congrats you two!!!

5. Spent Saturday morning going for a run and then going to acupuncture. Leave my appointment feeling amazingly calm and relaxed and happy that my left ear is now ringing a lot quieter than it used to. Oh yes, my left ear - still ringing. But, it is getting noticeably better.

6. Went to the La Habra Theatre Depot to enjoy a showing of CABARET in support of Karl (he was great! So was the show!). Went to Applebees afterwards and made myself sick eating too much. Oh "Pick 3 Appetizer", why were you so delicious yet so terribly bad for me?

7. Spent Sunday puttering around the apartment while The Boyfriend and Adam worked on another project for Life From the Inside. Realized just how much I can get done when I really have nothing to do and no boyfriend to hang out and watch T.V. with.

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