Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Welcome to the world Luca! It's about freaking time you showed up.

And can I just tell you that I am plotting already because they have bathed him, which means he already smells like new baby and I am trying to figure out a way for them to bottle his new baby smell and sent it to me?! If we don't get to see him in November I will just freaking sob hysterically because this is the baby I knitted the blanket for, so he will always have a place in my heart - especially since that was the first blanket I have ever made and probably will ever make again. Even though there are no pictures of him IN the blanket yet....(hint, hint) (Yes I know he's only 1 day old - I am a demanding blanket giver).

Anyhoo, a pic of the darling guy.

Wow, my friend are parents. This is weird. I wonder when they will buy their first minivan?

This means I am old enough for most of my friends to be past getting married and on to having children. Meanwhile, The Boyfriend and I are still laughing and dodging the "When are you two getting married?" question.

Oh well, back to the fun stuff, like your friends having babies you can play with!

Feliz CumpleaƱos Luca!

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