Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Update Week 2

I thought I would do this weeks update a day early, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and The Boyfriend and I have given ourselves the "day off' from our diet, so there will be no weighing in for me tomorrow!

As of today, I have lost a total of 9 pounds. I weigh 190. I have lost 4 inches off of my waist line. Results like this are definitely helping with the motivation for sticking with it. On top of the weight loss, my skin is looking better than it has in quite awhile, and I just FEEL better, not like I am going to burst at the seams. I have also noticed that I don't crave sweets anymore and my tastebuds have been sharpened. I was bad and had a fortune cookie last week, good lord those things are sweet! I had never noticed. I used to think my allergies affected my sense of taste, but it was my shoving everything down my throat as fast as possible that was causing me to not taste anything.

I have actually eaten salad with no dressing. You have no idea how big that is.

Since most of you know my dirty little secret of loving some reality T.V. shows, it should come as no surprise that I am an avid fan of "The Biggest Loser". Especially this season, I just really like most of the people who are on the show and I feel a sort of kinship with them as I struggle to get my own weight off.

I watched last night, fascinated by the amount of crying the contestants do on this show. I don't know why this was so interesting to me, as I myself fully admit to friends that I have cried trying to pick out clothes.

I have not cried during this diet, but I HAVE had to get through the realization that I was a lot bigger than I thought I was. It's very easy to just not look at yourself, not admit to yourself that the pants don't fit because YOU got bigger. As a friend once told me, "You can hate your hair or getting your pictures taken all you want, because you think they make you look fat. But at some point, you have to realize that YOU are making you look fat. And that's about the point where you decide to do something about it." This has really been driven home since my clothes have started fitting better. Clothes that I thought looked good on me before are WAY more comfortable. I have not dropped any sizes, yet.

I am nervous for the next part of this. I get to start adding things back in to my diet. This scares me. I am so happy with the amount of weight I lost, I don't want to gain anything back or stop losing.

On a final note -
Last night Andrea was voted off Biggest Loser, and may I say I was so happy to see her go. She admitted to sneaking like 9 or 12 brownies because she was stressed out before a weigh-in, has ASKED people to send her home and then stated for the camera that she HAD to be in the final 3 because she had worked so hard to get there. I know this is really mean, but good lord, SHE SNUCK FOOD. Of course she deserves to be there more than the other 3 who had never snuck food at all.
Also, I may just hate her because she looks like an ex-friend from college. But I'm pretty sure it's the brownies.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am counting down the hours until I get to eat until I am sick. Which should take about 5 minutes.

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