Thursday, November 17, 2005

Update Week 1

So, today's the day, I give you my weight update for the week. So far, the diet has been really easy to adjust to, almost too easy (except for yesterday, which was really hard. I just wanted to eat all day, and not the things on my list to eat either). My only real problem with it is that I am SO SICK of eggs for breakfast I just want to cry. But the first stage is almost over and then I can have Bran Cereal, which makes me want to vomit, so I guess the eggs aren't too bad.

My official weight as of this morning:

191 ½ pounds!

I lost 7 ½ pounds this week.

I have to tell you, this really makes it easier to start week 2. I was even bad last night and had 1½ glasses of wine with dinner, which is a no-no, since you are not supposed to have any alcohol during the first 2 weeks. That's better than The Boyfriend who cheated on the first day and had an apple, which is at the top of the list of things we ARE NOT supposed to eat! (That was mean, we are supposed to be supportive. Just giggle and then forget I said that.*)

In other news, I brought home a singing snowman from Hallmark for The Boyfriend yesterday, since I conveniently had 3 birthday cards to buy. I think it's the best $13 I have ever spent on a gift for him. Check out the pictures.

I guess that's all for today. I am very excited about Thanksgiving, because I just realized this morning that it falls on the same day as we start Phase 2 of the South Beach! And also, we have already decided we get to eat whatever we want that day anyway. But this just means we wouldn't be cheating nearly as much, so it's a good thing.

*I just read that he thinks he only had 1 glass of wine, but he is a liar! He had 1 ½ glasses of wine with dinner, and apparently several "pulls" off the bottle while cooking!!!! So, I don't feel bad for making fun of him. Okay, I never really feel bad for that anyway.

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