Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Things That Are Annoying Me

In list form, for you reading pleasure:

1. The weather. It's November 16th, why in the hell is it 90 degrees outside?

2. The weatherman who thinks that telling me it's going to be a great week JUST because the weather is so hot. Really. It's November you moron, I don't care where you live in the U.S., you expect it to be a little colder than it was this summer.

I just know at some point I am going to have to chase down all the weatherpeople in L.A. and kick them in the teeth. It's for their own good.

3. The fact that we are having such bizarre weather across the U.S. and no one wants to talk about Global Warming. It's getting seriously close to the time where we round up all the SUV's and burn them. I don't care if Bush wants to recognize what's happening or not, we have screwed up this Earth and we need to fix it.

4. I went to the mall at lunch today, but I forgot to bring the watch that I needed to get repaired. So my going to the mall was pretty useless, except I bought some birthday cards and a singing snowman which will make The Boyfriend very happy*.

*I'm not kidding. He really wants the singing snowman. This guy really likes Christmas.

5. That somehow the phrase "I can't afford that" doesn't seem to register with people anymore. I have made a practice of not running up my credit card bills so high I can't pay them off every month. This seems to baffle people who are usually trying to sell me something. Sometimes I think there are only 5 people in the world that understand the right way to use credit. The rest are part of that percentage who are over $10,000 in debt and can't figure out how it happened.

For example, I got my teeth cleaned this morning. They of course tried to tell me I NEED to get my teeth whitened and one veneer over a tooth that had a root canal performed on when I was a child. I said I don't, and also I can't afford it. They implied I could charge it to a credit card if I needed to. I had to then re-state that I DON"T HAVE TO HAVE MY TEETH WHITENED. It's not covered by insurance because IT IS ELECTIVE! Also, I don't need a freakin' veneer either. I refuse to give into this obsession that everyone's teeth need to be as white as possible. I like white teeth, but I will not go into debt for them.

6. The fact that going home for Christmas has become a complete nightmare. Traveling is expensive, especially when The Boyfriend and I get the distinct pleasure of being completely across the U.S. from each other for the holidays.

Family is all too willing to guilt you mercilessly until you give in to going home, but then doesn't want to hear it when buying the plane tickets means you are broke for the next 6 months. This also feeds back into #5.

I guess that's my list for now. Tomorrow, the great weekly weight update! I am happy with how the South Beach Diet is going, so it will not be as traumatic a post as last week was for me.

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