Friday, July 08, 2005

Today's Forecast: Grumpy with a side of Damn It!

So, the meeting yesterday turned out to be really nothing big (in my eyes at least), so the worry was for naught. Our office is moving and while I know that it's not going to be fun, I look forward to the change.

You have to understand, this is coming from someone who moved once as a child, 300 feet to the house next door. I don't really remember it much, but I loved my new room with the pink shag carpet.

When I moved to college, I discovered my love of moving. I love the newness of things, even if it's just your same old crap you're hauling with you, it's somehow new again as you re-discover things you've forgotten about. Or you realize how much crap you have that you don't need and so you sell it or give it away, all the while relishing in the release of having said crap around you at all times.

Sorry, I'm rambling.

But anway, my love of moving and new places is how I am approaching this office move (and since I can't seem to convince The Boyfriend that 5 years is way too long in one apartment and we should move just for the fun of it, this kind of gets him off the hook). Sure, I will lose my little office type space, and sure, I will probably end up in a cubicle, but man, try working in an overcrowded, never cleaned, always too warm call center for awhile. A cubicle is heaven compared to that.

So, I will let you know how opening weekend goes on Monday. My boss is coming. So are a lot of my friends/co-workers. I'm not nervous yet, but I probably will be a wreck tomorrow!

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