Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I am installing a new comments thing through Haloscan. Unfortunately I lost everyone's comments so far. Sorry about that. Feel free to repost them if you like.

Haloscan is giving me a few fits, so I apologize if you have any problems.

And, I wanted to let everyone know that they threw out the death penalty for the man I wrote about earlier. So a man that drove a woman off the road, raped her, shot her, and then shot and paralyzed a man that tried to help the woman will not face the death penalty because some juror insisted on preaching and preying upon the jury's Christian sensibilities instead of just dealing with the facts of the case.

I sound like I am really getting down on the bible. I have no beef with people who are religious. I have issues with people who think they don't have to make any decisions for themselves.

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