Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I Love the 90's

So, American Idol's theme last night was songs from the 90's. Great. There should be a huge array of songs to choose from. Leave it to these songsters to pick some of the most bland, overplayed pieces of crap. I would like to add my 2 cents in, so I will go down the list in order that I remember them performing in.
Bo Bice - I really enjoy watching this guy. I have said it before on TAM, he is just awesome. I can totally look past the fact that he is so totally rocker it almost hurts, because when he sings, he is HOT. His outfit was just terrible, and the song choice was really weird ("Remed"). I can appreciate a musician who takes a song and makes it their own, but I could not figure out what the heck song this was until The Boyfriend sang the original version to me. He gets points for being an actual musician that can read music. I hate singers that can't read music or play an instrument. They suck.
Anwar Robinson - I don't give a crap how good a singer is, as soon as you sing " I Believe I Can Fly" you are just dumb. Let's just all agree that R. Kelly is way too into younger chicks, and his song sucks and it got WAY too much radio play. If they had to ban it from the list of songs you could choose to audition, it needs to DIE. His performance also sucked.
Jessica Sierra - I'm not a huge fan of hers, and her songs choices suck. If she had sang the Melissa Etheridge song, I probably would have been really impressed. Instead she picks some bad LeAnn Rimes song and an entire audience is moved to tears of boredom. Some of LeAnn's songs are good, why do people always pick the bad ones?
Carrie Underwood - I hate that song that she picked because it reminds me of the fruitstand that I worked at in college for a few months (long story) and the owners would not let us listen to anything but country music, even though I pointed out that studies have been done and people actually purchase less in stores that play country music, and this song was played every 5 minutes and I have never been so close to wanting to end my life. So I fled back to Starbucks where I was forced to listen to jazz music.
Carrie's performance was good, even though I hate the song. Her stupid story at the beginning about her first date and her dad cleaning his shot guns in the living room and the guy never asked her out again was so fake it made me ill.
Anthony Federov - is the whitest man alive. His first audition was so good, but it's been all down hill from there.
Constantine Maroulis - someone needs to explain to these kids that not every song is a sex song to the camera. STOP MAKING LOVE TO THE CAMERA. "I Can't Make You Love Me" is a lament about how much you love someone and if they don't feel the same way, there is nothing you can do about it. It can be such a showstopper when performed correctly. It is not some weird psuedo-music video thing about a boy with long hair that likes to push it out of his face seductively.
Nikko Smith - At first, I was horrified at his attempt to be Usher. Then he really started singing and I was pleasantly surprised.
Nadia Turner - The thing I like about her the most is that she always seems to be having fun on stage, and she never picks a song that I expected her to pick. How can you go wrong with Melissa Etheridge?
Scott Savol - I really want good things to happen for him because his stories about his father are just heartbreaking. His song last night was also heartbreaking.
Vonzell Solomon - I feel bad for her. She is an amazing singer as she proved last night with "I Will Always Love You" which is a hard song. But I always forget about her.
One thing I will never forget is how annoyed I am when Randy calls someone's performance "pitchy." See, a performance is supposed to be pitchy, it is by singing several different pitches that one sings a song.
Also, what is up with Paula Abdul? She is one weird chick who seems to think that it is okay for her to interrupt everyone else, but if someone interupts her, she gets really angry. I have a hard time taking you seriously when you jump up out of your chair for everyone's song.

Did you watch House, MD last night?

Why not?

It's a really good show.

Don't make me repeat the Robert Sean Leonard story.

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Robb said...

Go rockers! Hell, I’ll even root for the hick chicks. I'm no country music fan, but man it would be nice to have an AI winner that didn't sing inane "R&B."

Ruben's "hit" song "I'm Sorry for 2004" doesn't apologize for nearly enough.