Thursday, June 05, 2008


I ALWAYS feel better when I run in the morning. No matter how much I think I want to skip it, I shouldn't. So my new resolution is that unless it is a scheduled morning off, I'm getting my behind out of bed and lacing up the running shoes. Unless it's raining. I know this is going to be extremely difficult for me, but I'm really going to try.

I have a really hard time lately bouncing back from a "meal off". I've had several things come up lately where food was served and I allowed myself to enjoy a "cheat meal". But the truth is, I don't ever completely enjoy it. I feel guilty for not eating my Nutrisystem food (it's expensive!), I usually feel like crap after my "cheat meal" (usually because they are full of sodium and I feel completely dehydrated and yucky) but I still have a hard time going back to my Nutrisystem food because there is still a longing for the bad-for-me food. So, my new resolution to try and have no more cheat meals. I'm not sure this will happen, but I'm really going to try.

Losing weight is hard. And isolating. I know that's so simplistic to say, but at first, it wasn't really that hard for me. But most of my interaction with friends includes eating out. When I don't go, I feel isolated. And frustrated. I want to be off this diet. I want to be able to eat whatever I want. I want to be at a maintenance level. But that's just not reality for me. So, my new resolution is to just deal with this. I have so many people that have been and continue to be supportive, I'm really not isolated at all. I just need to learn to tell people how I'm feeling and suggest things that do not include restaurant meals. I need to take charge and put myself and my health first. My friends will be there when I am able to eat out again.

Most of my frustration lately is due to the fact that my weight loss has slowed down. But it's only slowed down because I've been not working at it. Since it was so easy to begin with, I figured it would always be so easy. And it's not. So I've had to really re-commit myself to a healthier lifestyle and a renewed sense of really working towards my weight loss.

Even though I've lost 30 pounds, I'm still not done. There was a time when that would have overwhelmed me. Not now. Now I will just keep working towards my goal. One meal at a time.


Steve said...

That is absolutely the hardest part of doing any diet-y thing... the social aspect. When I did the cleansing thing last year, it was horribly frustrating knowing that when I saw friends, food would most likely be involved. My desire to eat was so strong, which, of course, says a lot about eating in general.

I only did that thing for 7 days! I don't know how you have done it for so long. That takes some strength! But look at the great progress.

What I should stop doing is bringing junk to meetings. Only healthy junk from now on!

Chez Sarcastica said...

Thanks for the compliment!

The social aspect of dieting is definitely the hardest thing by far. Like today, wherein I didn't run this morning and I had lunch with a friend.

Please don't let me stop you from bringing whatever you want to our meetings. It's good for me to get used to having that stuff around, I definitely need to get back into the mindset that I don't have to eat it just because it's around.

Lauren said...

We purposefully put shrimp fajitas on the menu for Sunday so there'd be a slightly healthier option for people (including myself) who want to at least *try* to avoid the culinary bomb that is Mexican food. But I won't lie-- there will also be Porto's Cuban cake with pineapple custard...

Chez Sarcastica said...

HA-HA! I actually hate pineapple AND custard, so I will fine!

Maybe that's the secret, get everyone to eat things I hate, so then I'm not tempted to eat badly.