Thursday, February 08, 2007


According to K-mart (and pretty much every other commercial right now) a woman should be getting a "Heart-Shaped Diamond Necklace" for Valentine's Day - or any other myriad of Diamond things (seriously, I HATE THE HOLIDAYS because suddenly all commercials want you to believe that women are all diamond-grubbing whores who will not love you unless you buy them DIAMONDS) and men, men should receive a $6 pair of boxers with hearts on them. Or a box of candy.

How is this fair? So, in order to balance the universe a little, I will be buying The Boyfriend some horribly gaudy diamond-like heart shaped necklace for Valentine's Day. I mean, don't guys deserve to feel pretty every once in a while? How else will he know that I love him if I don't buy him something expensive? What if he stops loving me because I didn't buy him DIAMONDS?!

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