Thursday, August 17, 2006

Running (Wo)Man

This morning was my 3rd run of the week, which means I have a break until Sunday.

Running is going pretty darn well. I mean, it hurts - right now my right calf is very sore -but I feel so happy and calm and relaxed after running outside (I am such a hippy!) that I completely understand the whole "runners euphoria" thing. I am really getting into this.

Next week will be a whole new adventure as we start the next segment of training and The Boyfriend will not be slowing himself down to keep pace with me. The Dude is just too tall for me to keep up with (at least until I lose some weight!) so I will be on my own starting Sunday.

Yesterday I did a 3 mile walk at lunch with L, and we saw Danny Bonaduce walking with a pack of people, trying very hard to get noticed.

Man, he is a short dude.

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