Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It's amazing how shoes seem to tie into one's identity, or I should say, tie into how other people identify you.

See, we're going to be producing a new webshow and in that show, my character will be wearing heels the whole time. So, with this realization in hand (coupled with the gifting of a wardrobe of high heels from my friend Kendra) I've decided the smart thing to do would be to start wearing heels often enough to re-acquaint myself with them and be able to run, jump and maybe not look like a beginner when walking in them.

I am no stranger to heels, trust me. I grew up taking dance lessons, I've done theatre forever and I used to just really like wearing heels.

Then, I started getting jobs that it just would have been stupid to wear heels. Jobs that required you to be on your feet all day and in the most comfortable shoes you could find. And I became a fan of flat shoes (well, I still am for the most part). For years I have very, very rarely wore heels to work - even though I have a desk job, I never know when I'm going to be running all day. Or walking a long distance to deliver something. Plus, I like flats - they're fun and cute and go with almost everything!

I digress. I figured I should start wearing heels to work (with a pair of flats stashed in my work bag as a backup). It's been a fun experiment to see how people react to this change.

Some people are very excited and find it fun. Others seem to think I'm somehow changing as a person and treat my wearing of heels as very suspicious. And yet others find it a good way to give me a backhanded compliment about my appearance. While I admittedly do not stress about what I look like most days, I'm not sure the days I dress up a bit more are a case for being weird about it.

I'm still getting used to wearing heels again and my feet are definitely paying the price right now for my experiment, but it's all worth it. When the new show starts filming, I will not be the sad girl who can't handle heels for more than a couple of hours. I just won't.

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