Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I'm wearing this long sleeved blue t-shirt today - I think I've owned it since college and I just realized that it's too big for me and I should probably make sure it lands in the "Goodwill" pile. But, I feel attached to it somehow and I don't want to get rid of it.

I very rarely feel that way about clothes. I have no real reason to be attached to this shirt. I don't remember wearing it during some life changing event, it's just a standard navy blue t-shirt and I feel some odd emotional attachement to it.

I've even put it in the "running clothes" drawer and worn it a few times. Although, it's actually a bit too warm for running.

Someday, I will stick it in a bag and forget that I own it and I won't feel so bad when I send it to Goodwill.


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Anonymous said...

Welcome to most of my wardrobe. I have sentiments on almost everything in my closet, whether I met someone when wearing it, said goodbye, fell in mud, etc. One shirt is nothing. Sometime you can come to my "goodwill" closet and see what clothing guilt can do to a girl! Enjoy your pretty, college-days blue shirt!