Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crash Update

I've found out some more details on my nephews car accident. I'm still trying to process this whole thing. If things had been even the slightest bit different, I would be writing this in an entirely different state of mind - let's just say I don't want to dwell on that too much. I'm still trying to deal with how uncontrollably mad I get at times even thinking about it.

It turns out he was hit by not one, but two different cars. Assholes that were drunk and racing each other. Not only did they hit my nephew's car, they both left the scene.

So, yeah, there are two people out there that had better hope I never discover who they are or where they live. How could you hit someone and leave them to die? They BOTH hit the car and both drove away, more worried for their fucking drunk asses than for the people that were in my nephews car (there was at least 1 passenger).

The thing that breaks my heart the most about this whole situation is that the last thing my nephew remembers of the whole car wreck is seeing his own blood spraying all over the car from his nose breaking after hitting the steering wheel. That's what these fuckers did. They left my nephew to bleed to death.

Not only were these drivers drunk, they were racing each other, driving recklessly and not caring for a second about anyone else's life around them. No care for the person who was being the designated driver for his friends, making sure they got home safely.

That's who they hit, the kid being responsible.

Life really pisses me off sometimes.

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