Friday, April 28, 2006

This is Getting Comical

Today, I wore jeans as it is Friday and therefore "casual day" at work.

Today I wore my new green t-shirt that I was complimented on!

Today, my jeans have finally decided to shuffle their mortal coil and get a whole in the upper thigh area, rendering them useless.

Today The Boyfriend met me for lunch and forgot to bring another pair of jeans, that I had requested so that I don't get in trouble for my inappropriate jeans at work. He has avoided being in trouble for this by being VERY sorry that he forgot them, as well as the fact that my thighs rubbing together seems to hide the whole for now.

Today, I wore underwear, which was apparently a blessing in disguise. Also, I am starting to feel better so instead of breaking into tears over this, I can laugh at it instead!

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