Tuesday, January 03, 2012


As with a lot of people, I hate the idea of "resolutions", so I'm jotting down a list of things I want to focus on this year.

1. Learn to play the ukelele. I don't need to be a genius at it, but I do need to know the basics and a few songs.
*I started on this last night while Robb worked on a freelance job. I now know 3 chords :)

2. Get back into working out. I've been slacking hard since Thanksgiving and I feel terrible.

3. Continue to work on eating healthier.

4. Own less "stuff".

5. Have more experiences. Be more present in the every day.

My friend Lisa posted this and I have to steal it - "No resolutions. Just one word, motivation." So perfect. That's what I want from 2012, motivation. And movement.

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