Thursday, December 08, 2011

Nanny State

This story gets me so up in arms - give it a read before you read my post - Dad Arrested - Underage Drinking

I can't believe anyone would actually think this is a good idea. How is this guy to be held responsible for the stupid decisions teenage kids make?

People like to say we're creating a "Nanny State" by wanting the government involved in things like banking and business practices but these same people seem to be completely fine being held accountable for someone else's poor decision making. Poor Dad, he made rules that clearly stated no drinking, he and his wife patroled the party and they still suffer the consequences.

Why wasn't the teenager that brought the alcohol arrested? What about the parents of the boy that brought the alcohol? Shouldn't we also arrest them for not doing a good job of raising their kid? Let's put EVERYONE on the carpet for this horrible atrocity!

Teenagers make stupid decisions. That's life. That's how we learn about consequences. If you want to punish parents that actually serve alcohol to minors and/or let them drive drink, sure, let's talk. But if we make it so that Parents are responsible for these types of things just mean we're going to end up with yet another generation of kids that can't do anything for themselves, as parents will live in fear that if they let their kids make decisions and it ends up being the wrong one, the parent will end up in jail.

Slippery slope indeed.

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