Monday, May 17, 2010


I seem to have nothing nice to say, so I'm not saying anything.

Except I will say this, it's apparently that time of year where everyone decides they need to stick their nose into the fact that Robb and I aren't married. I'm finding it harder and harder to find polite ways to brush this off.

So, if you ask me about this anytime soon, I'm just going to apologize in advance because not only will I bite your head off, I will point out things about you I find to be lacking. I'm discovering turning the conversation around on people and asking pointed questions about their personal lives seems to be the best way to end the conversation.

That or walking away.

I'm really working on the walking away part. I have to fight the urge to explain myself to people, since everyone seems to think I'm some poor maiden waiting for the horrible person I'm dating to ask me to marry him.

I find this extraordinarily insulting. I know (most) people have the best of intentions, but I don't understand why my personal relationship is any of their business. I guess because I always feel the need to explain that marriage is not a goal of mine, which opens things up for more discussion.

This is just a big cycle of annoyingness.

I'm going back to my silence.

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