Friday, May 16, 2008

Hello There

I'm in a "get things done" kind of mood today, so I figured I might as well update here while I'm at it.

I've lost more weight - 28 pounds in total. I've noticed that when my body is in a losing weight phase - I tend to get into this "get everything done I've been putting off" mode, which is great. I'm sure it's because I've got more energy, plus I'm pumped at losing weight and my mind set is completely different.

I wish I felt like this all the time. I wonder if I will when I hit my goal weight. I've always been a procrastinator so I don't think that will go away completely, but hopefully this is something I can maintain while I work on staying at my goal weight.

Back to wishing I felt like this all the time - the funny thing is I think I would be a happier person if I stopped procrastinating. I'm always much happier when I've accomplished what I've set out to do, although I have a tendency to be very hard on myself when I don't get there fast enough. Just recently I've had to fight off worries that I'm never going to get to my goal weight. So what if I don't lose 20 pounds by June 22. I don't think I will be that far off and either way, it won't be the end of the world.

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