Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Everything

I am off to Texas to celebrate Christmas with my family. We are all congregating at my sister's house this year. Should be fun. My 16 year-old nephew is picking me up from the airport, so I should come home with at least one interesting story...
Not much going on here. I am not really in the whole holiday spirit right now. It's kind of sinking in that I have to spend the next week without The Boyfriend and that makes me very very sad. I don't care who get's insulted, or how many guilt trips are thrown my way, I am NOT traveling next year.

I guess that's all I really have time to get in to.

I hate our President, but getting into that would take too much time. He is a complete freaking grifting ass and anyone that get's taken in by him is a complete tool.

The fact that this country was founded for religious freedom and yet there are people out there who truly believe there is a "War on Christmas" makes me ill. THIS COUNTRY WAS FUCKING FOUNDED FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, but I heard someone on the news say he believed that even if we had a Jewish President, he should send out cards that say Merry Christmas. What kind of backwards freaking idea is that?

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