Friday, October 07, 2005

I do not Heart Delivery Guys

So, this is a little late, but Knott Scary Farm was AWESOME! Seriously the most fun I have had being scared in a long time. Unless you count the once a week I weigh myself, but that's another story.

This week has been really lousy with the busyness. I plan on posting some pictures of my knitting thusfar. Let me just say, I am rocking the "knit stitch" and can now make a mean scarf. The supplies for the one I am making now were courtesy of T and J (Hi!) and it looks to be the best one yet. Like I said, pictures and such to come soon. I am looking to make a poncho next, but I may have to actually learn more than one stitch for that, which means I will be back to swearing A LOT while knitting, but I think that's all part of the fun of learning something new.

So, the title of this post. I just got done having a battle of wits with a delivery guy. It wasn't really evenly matched. Now I have had LOTS of jobs in my time where I worked in the customer service industry. I wasn't the best at it, but I definitely wasn't the worst. I am now in charge of ordering supplies for the office I work in and let me just say, we go through a lot of paper. So much so that I usually order about 10 cases at a time. The delivery person today (Not the usual delivery guy, he's the coolest guy ever! Mad love to MIKE! YEAH!) decided that stacking 10 - 50 pound boxes of paper outside the main door to my office was totally okay. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE! When would you ever think that it's okay to leave something that heavy piled outside the door to an office? I mean, come on, who is usually doing the supply ordering? Women. And who do you think would be moving that stuff? It's bad enough that I can't get anyone to help me unload the boxes, let alone move them across an entire suite.
So I called the main office and let them know that they needed to come back and fix this. And then I made sure to go and let the guy know where to put the paper (because they have been known to just stack it in the middle of our copy room. And now you know why I love the usual delivery guy so much) AND I made sure to say it in a very nice way. THE MAN WOULDN'T even acknowledge my existence. So now I am sitting here, trying to get straight in my head what I am going to say to the main office when I call AGAIN, to let them know that Mike is the only delivery person they have that gives a crap about customer service.
This is not the part of my job that I like. Because you see, and I know this will be such a shock to most of you, I have a bit of a temper. I like to fly off the handle at times. But I don't like having to be purposefully mean to someone. But jeez, is it to much to ask that you deliver the stuff to where you are supposed to deliver it? That you actually act like my business means something to you?
I'm really not sure how to end this. It's Friday. I really think my brain is shutting down for the weekend early.

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